Best Bank for Small Business

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Best Bank for Small Business

The best bank for small business is the one that you feel most comfortable in. This may sound odd at first but customer service when doing business banking is indicative of the corporate philosophy. “You can tell a lot about the ownership of a business by talking to the people on the front counter” observed Matthew Mensing of Eaglerock Sales. He’s right.

The attitudes of the customer service people in any organization are a reflection of the attitude of senior management. Richard Branson, head of the Virgin Group observes regularly that his front line employees are representatives of the Virgin brand. If your goal is to find the best bank for your small business, find one that you’re comfortable in.

Someday you might be looking for your bank to do more for your business than receive your deposits and provide you cheques. Odds are, the front line people you appreciated will reflect the attitude of those at more senior levels. There’s no guarantee this will result in the loan or credit vehicle you’re looking for, but it’s a start.

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Customer Service as Corporate Culture

The best bank for small business will support your vision. While all banks offer small business services, brochures, programs and accounts, some are more responsive to the needs of small business owners than others. Most banks have a policy of rotating account managers on a regular basis. Personal relationships with managers are difficult to cultivate under these circumstances. If you’ve chosen a bank where you feel comfortable though, the next manager responsible for your account will be guided by the same principals as his or her predecessor. You’ll at least have a fighting chance that you’ll have the same level of support you’ve been accustomed to.


The best bank for small business may be one where the corporate culture is most in line with the culture of your business. Conducting business from a common set of principles will result in an easier relationship. An easier relationship will take you a long way.

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